Iso 10218-2 free download

Iso 10218-2 free download

iso 10218-2 free download

Isole Robotizzate EN ISO 10218-2. 2. Introduction. This part of ISO 10218 Access paths and means are free of hazards. X. X. X. X. 5.5.2. Permanent means of. Request Free Trial Home; ISO 10218-2:2011 Printed Edition + PDF; Immediate download; $360.00; Add to Cart ISO 9283:1998. The Standard EN ISO 10218-2 was published in July 2011 by Technical Committee ISO/TC 184 in collaboration with Technical Committee CEN/TC 310. This is.

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iso 10218-2 free download

This support page explains how some relevant international standards like the ISO 10218 are republished in different countries. For some countries it also gives a brief introduction to Occupational Safety and Health Administrations (OSHAs) and associated guidance.

Robot manufactureRobot integrator
ISO 10218-1ISO 10218-2
CAN/CSA-Z434-14 (first half)CAN/CSA-Z434-14 (second half)
GB 11291.1-2011GB 112891.2-2013
DenmarkDS/EN ISO 10218-1DS/EN ISO 10218-2
EN ISO 10218-1EN ISO 10218-2
GermanyDIN EN ISO 10218-1DIN EN ISO 10218-2
JIS 8433-1JIS 8433-2
South Korea
KS B ISO 10218-1KS B ISO 10218–2
CNS 14490-1 B8013-1CNS 14490-2 B8013-2
United KingdomBS EN ISO 10218-1BS EN ISO 10218-2
BrazilNBR 31 and ISO 10128-1NBR 31 and ISO 10128-2
ANSI/RIA R15.06 (first half)ANSI/RIA R15.06 (second half)

Information on this support page is informal only. The contained information is subject to change without notice and should not be construed as a commitment by Universal Robots. Universal Robots disclaims any liability of the contained and linked information.


ISO and its sister organization IEC are very recognized all over the world. The international trend is that more and more countries participates in international standardization instead of developing and maintaining their own local standards.

Local standards are often republications of ISO and IEC standards. This means that standardized requirements are the same for all these countries, and therefore a manufacturer can comply with one standard only instead of a standard for each individual country.

ISO standards typically change name when translated and republished.

Though it is recommended to buy the local publications, it is also possible to buy ISO standards directly from the ISO official homepage:

Standards for robots and robotic devices are developed in the technical committee ISO/TC 299:


ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 are combined to one document including both part 1 and part 2 of the ISO 10218 series. Canadian Standards Association (CSA) added additional requirements for the user of the robot system. Some of these requirements might need to be addressed by the robot integrator. The combined standard is published as CAN/CSA-Z434-14.

CAN/CSA-Z434-14 and other Canadian standards can be purchased here:


ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 are translated and published in China as GB 11291-1-2011 and GB 112891-2-2013.

Chinese standards can be purchased here:


The OSHA in Denmark is named "Arbejdstilsynet" (AT).

AT and different organizations in the industry prepares guidelines that can be helpful for integrators of robots.

Specific for robots

The European Machinery Directive (MD) is implemented in Denmark as "Bekendtgørelse 612". This and other Danish regulations as laws can be found at:

The implementation of "Bekendtgøre 612" is the exact copy of the Danish translation of the MD, as it can be found on the official homepage of the European Commission (See under European). Below is a direct link to this implementation:

Note that "bekendtgørelse 693" below is the MD including an amendment relevant for pesticide applications (EU Directive 2009/127/EC):

Note that the following law "Bekendtgørelse 655" applies to Greenland:

The standards ISO 10218-1 and -2 are published in Denmark as DS/EN ISO 10218-1 and -2. They can be purchased here:

Note that only some standards published by Danish Standards are translated to Danish. Translated versions includes both the original English text and the translated Danish text. (Every second page).

See also under "European" where the Machinery Directive is described.


Europe has local standardization organisations that corresponds to ISO and IEC, which are CEN and CENELEC. The European trend is to develop less standards within CEN because it is more attractive to use ISO standards which applies globally.

Most machine safety standards are harmonized under the European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC. This means that if a product complies with the standard then the manufacturer may assume that the product complies with the directive.

CEN has standardized procedure for republishing harmonized standards from ISO:

  • A new cover is added around the ISO standard. This new cover might have another publication date than the original ISO standard.
  • An annex ZA or ZB is added to the standard which explains the harmonisation details. This is typically one page in the beginning of the standard.
  • The beginning of the name of the standard is changed from "ISO" to "EN ISO", which means "European Norm" - "International Standardization Organization"

CEN itself do not sell standards. Publications must be purchased from local standardization organisations.

The European Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC is the machinery law in Europe. It is implemented directly and without modification in requirements as law in all EU and EEA countries. It is available in different languages from this official homepage:

Note that the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC has been amended with regard to machinery for pesticide applications. Amending Directive 2009/127/EC is linked below:


The OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Organization) structure in Germany consists of three different instances, namely:

BG = Berufsgenossenschaft

  • One of many sub devisions under BG is BGHM (Berufsgenossenschaft Holz und Metall) which is the instance that handle machinery, including robots.
  • BG is the German statutory accident insurance. As an insurance provider its main interest is to limit insurance payments. As part of the arrangement BG performs official factory inspections in the industry. They are primarily checking if CE and risk assessments are made, and they have insight in a wide range of standards and guides that they typically refer to under the inspections.

IFA = Institut Für Arbeitsschutz

  • IFA handles complex inquires from BG and larger German companies. They have a more thorough and scientific approach and are able to look into the deep details of technical documentation.

DGUV = Deutsche Gesetzliche UnfallVersicherung

  • This is the official umbrella association.

BG has prepared a safety guide that summarizes the general guidelines for robots. Page 52-54 specifically concerns collaborative robots (German version only. BG will provide an English translation early 2016):

All international ISO standards can be purchased in German versions from this official page:

See also under "European" where the Machinery Directive is described.


ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 are translated into Japanese and published as JIS B8433-1 and JIS B8433-2.

Below is a link to the Japanese law, which has been amended to be more in line with international standards and to emphasize the importance of risk assessment.

Standards can be bought from the JSA Web Store:

Note these other relevant Japanese translations of international standards:
ISO 12100  => JIS B9700
ISO 13849-1 => JIS B9705-1

South Korea

ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 are translated into Korean and published as KS B ISO 10218-1 and KS B ISO 10218–2.

Korean standards can be purchased here:


ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 are translated and published in Taiwan as CNS 14490-1 B8013-1 and NS 14490-2 B8013-2.

Taiwanese standards can be purchased here (Search for B8013-1 and B8013-2):


ISO 10218-1 and ISO 10218-2 are translated from British English to American English and published as one document including both part 1 and part 2 of the ISO 10218 series. This combined standard is published as ANSI/RIA R15.06.

ANSI/RIA R15.06 and other US standards can be purchased here:

And here:

US do not have specific regulations for industrial robots in general, but the have their general regulations for machinery called "OSHA standards":

Note that some counties can have specific local requirements that applies to industrial robots.

United Kingdom

BSI is UK's national standards body.

The standards ISO 10218-1 and -2 are published in UK as BS EN ISO 10218-1 and -2. They can be purchased here:

See also under "European" where the Machinery Directive is described.

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Iso 10218-2 free download

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