How to download mods for dark souls

How to download mods for dark souls

how to download mods for dark souls

sorry, im pretty noobish at installing mods and im not sure where to put them, can anyone help me? the mods im attempting to install are High res UI . Available for download on Nexus Mods, the Cinders Mod was first created for Dark Souls 3 gamers to use on January 3rd of 2019. Ever since. First you have to install DSfix, which lets you use Nexus Mod Manager for Dark Souls. DSfix has a readme which tells you how to install it. Then. how to download mods for dark souls

The original Dark Souls is a game that has garnered popularity within the gaming community, popularizing a genre of games, going from a cult classic into a well-known game that a lot of gamers have a love/hate relationship with, as well as paving the way for future games. It is quite old, however, and so playing it many times over may become stale, which is why the modding community plays such a crucial part. By creating mods that change up the game in different ways, the modders give both seasoned and new players a fresh experience in an otherwise very thoroughly explored game.

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Let's take a look at some of the best mods around that Dark Souls fans should try out if they're feeling like giving the game another go, but want it to offer something slightly different.

10 Dark Souls Visual Overhaul

This mod by sborges98 does exactly what the name implies — it overhauls and improves the visuals of the game in pretty much every way by improving things such as textures, lighting, and particles. By doing this, the mod makes it look like a completely new game designed on current-day hardware, which is fantastic considering the locations that the game takes you to. You'll not regret getting this mod, as it makes the difficult journey through the game worth it just to see how all of the areas were improved upon.

If you thought that you had too little incentive to keep pushing on through Dark Souls, this mod can help motivate you with the promise of beautiful areas.

9 Dark Souls Item Randomizer

Created by HotPocketRemix, this mod is the definition of a fresh take on a classic game, as it takes everything that the base game offers and mixes it up. This mod has become quite popular with the Dark Souls community, as it creates a completely new experience every time someone plays it by placing things such as NPCs and items in randomized locations, meaning seasoned veterans of the game will have to adapt to what the fate that the mod gives them instead of on their knowledge of the game.

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After completing multiple playthroughs of this game, this mod can definitely help rekindle your love for the classic.

8 DSR 2020 Textures

Nothing makes a game that you haven't played for a while feel fresher than a new coat of detailed textures. This is precisely what this mod created by Evelyn Schwab does — it takes the textures already in the remastered version and upscales them, as well as mixes them with handmade ones to make the game look a lot more pleasing to look at, even if it's the Asylum demon that you're looking at.

Give your game a fresh look with this mod so that you too could appreciate the grimy beauty of the world of Dark Souls just a little bit easier.

7 Ascended Mod

The modder VanBuinen took what the base game had to offer, and sprinkled in a dash of originality by adding original content, as well as tweaking the original content. What the Ascended Mod does is it takes Dark Souls and gives it more depth by reworking how certain weapons and armor sets work, enhancing the enemy AI, and creating new classes, among other things.

All of this leads to the game feeling completely different in certain aspects, meaning that a fresh playthrough of the game with the mod installed can surprise both old and new players alike.

6 Classic Armor Pack

Unfortunately, when Dark Souls got remastered, quite a few aspects seem to have gotten downgrades, including certain textures. What this mod created by Rain does is simple, yet effective — it takes the downgraded armor textures in the remastered version of the game and brings them back to their former glory. Once you get to see the comparisons with the base versions of armor in the game, you will understand how this mod makes the game look a lot better.

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Although the mod seems simple at first glance, it does a lot, in the end, to make the game feel fresher, as armor that looks like it was made of cheap plastic is never too appealing to look at.

5 Fog Gate Randomizer

Fog gates in Dark Souls were a genius mechanic that made newer players extremely anxious about what will happen next, as the fog would completely obscure the area ahead, and going through them is a slow process. After players beat the game, however, the suspense is gone, because they already know what lies on the other side of the fog gate. This mod created by thefifthmatt turns this mechanic on its head, as every fog gate now takes you to the other side of another random fog gate in the game, meaning you could end up anywhere after going through one.

This mod is perfect for anyone who wants Dark Souls to feel fresh again, as well as those who don't mind a fair bit of randomness in what happens in their playthroughs.

4 QuickSouls 2020

Have you ever thought that the combat of Dark Souls is too slow and clunky, especially after playing the likes of Bloodborne and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice? Then this mod created by AinTunez fixes that problem. Dark Souls purists often use the argument that the combat is supposed to be slow and calculated, however those that prefer the look of Dark Souls but the pacing of combat of later From Software games, then this mod is the perfect solution.

No matter what, it will always be cool to see a person in full armor dashing through enemies and lightning speeds, even if it is in the gloomy world of Dark Souls.

3 Starting Classes For NPC Cosplay

The Dark Souls franchise has a lot of NPCs that for one reason or another became fan favorites, be it because of their personalities, or just because of how they look. With this mod by notaprofi you can take it a step further and actually play as one of your favorite Dark Souls characters. This mod takes it a step further by actually following through with what the characters are capable of, meaning that while some characters are strong, such as Solaire, others are much weaker.

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There is no denying that pretty much everyone who has played the game wanted the choice to be able to play as a character class similar to the NPCs, so this mod is the perfect solution.

2 Skull HUD Remastered

Strangely enough, small changes to an otherwise familiar game can often lead to it feeling like a fresh experience, which is what this mod achieves. By making the HUD look much nicer, this mod by MochikunDS makes the game feel much more polished. It proves that it doesn't take an enormous revamp of the game to make it feel fresh, as a minor change such as this can be a huge improvement, even if it is just a greatly improved HUD including health and stamina bars.

This mod is proof that a game doesn't have to be changed much in order to feel fresh, especially to seasoned players of that particular game.

1 New Game Plus Infinite

A core mechanic of Dark Souls is that you can start a New Game+ upon completing a playthrough, making the game gradually more difficult with each subsequent playthrough. In the base game, however, this is capped at 7, meaning the game won't get more difficult after that. As the name of this mod by notaprofi suggests, New Game Plus Infinite allows for infinite New Game+ runs that keep growing in difficulty with no limits. What this means is that veteran Dark Souls players can go nuts and do as many New Game+ runs as they want, each becoming more difficult than the last.

While definitely not for everyone, this mod is great for anyone who feels like the first playthroughs weren't a challenge enough.

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How to download mods for dark souls

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